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How Former Treasury Officials and the UAE Are Manipulating American Journalists — Glenn Greenwald

Sep. 25 2014

The tiny and very rich Persian Gulf emirate of Qatar has become a hostile target for two nations with significant influence in the U.S.: Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Israel is furious over Qatar’s support for Palestinians generally and (allegedly) Hamas specifically, while the UAE is upset that Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (UAE supports the leaders of the military coup) and that Qatar funds Islamist rebels in Libya (UAE supports forces aligned with Ghadaffi (see update below)).

This animosity has resulted in a new campaign in the west to demonize the Qataris as the key supporter of terrorism. The Israelis have chosen the direct approach of publicly accusing their new enemy in Doha of being terrorist supporters, while the UAE has opted for a more covert strategy: paying millions of dollars to a U.S. lobbying firm – composed of former high-ranking Treasury officials from both parties – to plant anti-Qatar stories with American journalists. That more subtle tactic has been remarkably successful, and shines important light on how easily political narratives in U.S. media discourse can be literally purchased.

This murky anti-Qatar campaign was first referenced by New York Times article two weeks ago by David Kirkpatrick, which reported that “an unlikely alignment of interests, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Israel” is seeking to depict Doha as “a godfather to terrorists everywhere” (Qatar vehemently denies the accusation). One critical component of that campaign was mentioned in passing:

The United Arab Emirates have retained an American consulting firm, Camstoll Group, staffed by several former United States Treasury Department officials. Its public disclosure forms, filed as a registered foreign agent, showed a pattern of conversations with journalists who subsequently wrote articles critical of Qatar’s role in terrorist fund-raising.

How that process worked is fascinating, and its efficacy demonstrates how American public perceptions and media reports are manipulated with little difficulty.

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Today in Solidarity (9.27.14): The Lost Voices campground since Mike Brown’s murder was ransacked by police… so petty. #staywoke #farfromover

Don’t know who the Lost Voices are yet? They’re the youth brigade on the frontlines of Ferguson, leading the fight for justice for Mike Brown. (Many of those tweets you see on my posts are from LV.) Yesterday, their campsite was raided without notice. These young leaders have been under constant attack from police since protests began, but yesterday was a clear intimidation move. Well guess what— Lost Voices will not be intimidated or stopped.  Please make sure you’re showing them your love and support. Consider donating to their efforts today.

When you have a minority of people such as the European, often in order to stay in power they must recruit from the very people they oppress. And therefore, they will call up from those people, certain talented people, other types, who then will identity with their masters and help them to maintain the control over the masses.

Dr. Amos N. Wilson (via disciplesofmalcolm)

Any time you make an analysis of an oppressed people in any aspect of their lives and you leave out the enemy, you will never come to a correct analysis. On the contrary, you will blame the oppressed for all of their problems.

Even if one where to talk about the drugs in our community, if you just talk about drugs and not talk about the enemy, you make no analysis at all. If you haven’t brought in the question of who brings the drugs in, why the drugs are brought in, for what purpose they are brought in, you will never understand the problem at all.

When we speak of the conditions of the African masses we begin with the enemy of the African masses, especially the racist, capitalist system in the United States of America.

Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), mid-1990s.

This is the same problem for people who are colorblind or don’t see race. They leave out the enemy (white supremacy) which leads them into blaming oppressed groups for their own problems.

(via disciplesofmalcolm)

We know the FBI and the CIA are the pigs that wright confusion into our community. I’ve worked with all sorts of statistics and research from our party against the FBI and the CIA. Let me give you an example. When the Soviet Union was betrayed by this scum Gorbachev, Bush made the great announcement, “the evil empire has fallen. We have a lot of CIA agents who’ve been there. Now we’re going to take them and put them in the ghettos.” He said it, we have the article. He even said “most of them will be sent to the ghetto in Los Angeles.” If you would look at Los Angeles, these pigs created some havoc there. Pumping drugs and guns into the hands and developing gangs like the Crypts and the Bloods. But when the rebellion came, it was the same Crypts and the same Bloods who received guns from the police to shoot their people who shot the police. The same ones.

The CIA, I laugh at them. I remember when the news was made I was talking to a sister; she said, “oh, we in real trouble now.” “Watchu mean?” “Did you hear what they said? They sent the CIA everywhere! They coming for you!” I said, “oh, I ain’t worried about them. I ain’t thinking about them.” I said they had all the sophisticated machines they had in Vietnam, and when the Vietnamese overran them they were running for the helicopters. When you face an enemy, you must demystify the enemy.

Kwame Ture (Formerly known as Stokely Carmichael)

(Source: preslavv)

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.


Day two at Job two #sekoi (at Fourth Street Berkeley)

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