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Steve Biko was a pioneering anti-apartheid activist and founder of the Black Conscious Movement. His writing and activism inspired, empowered and mobilised South Africa’s black population in the fight against minority rule. 

Black Consciousness as defined by South African Students Organization (SASO) in 1972:

ii. the basic tenet of Black Consciousness is that the Black man must reject all value systems that seek to make him a foreigner in the country of his birth and reduce his basic human dignity

iii. The Black man must build up his own value systems, see himself as self-defined and not defined by others

iv. The concept of Black Consciousness implies the awareness by the Black people of power they wield as a group, both economically and politically and hence group cohesion and solidarity are important facets of Black Consciousness

On this day 36 years ago - September 12 1977 - Biko was killed by the apartheid state - dying, like many black South Africans, in police custody. Biko’s activism and thought have continued to inspire and influence people and politics around the world.

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LH 95 is a star forming region within a nearby galaxy that astronomers have been observing for several years in order to gain insight on the formation of stars. This particular photo was very valuable to scientists, as it not only captured the bright, massive stars (blue), but also many dim and young stars (yellow) as well. 

Credit: Hubble Heritage TeamD. Gouliermis (MPI Heidelberg) et al., (STScI/AURA), ESANASA

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How many of you have heard Latasha Harlins?

*everyone is silent*

She was killed by Korean store owner Soon Ja Du, which set off the LA Riots. Ice Cube did a song about her called Black Korea, predicting that riot in fact. Some of us know. And no, I didn’t have to look her up. I remember. I read the Final Call.

She was murdered over a damn bottle of orange juice that store owner thought she was going to steal. There were eye witnesses and security camera footage.

The store owner still got no jail time! 

It’s not just an inconvenience to be followed around the store. You can be murdered if the store clerk decides to stand their ground.  If you’ve been followed around a store before, let Harlins tragedy serve as a reminder of why you shouldn’t go back.

Don’t spend money where you are not welcomed!


NGC 253: dusty island universe

Shiny NGC 253 is one of the brightest spiral galaxies visible, and also one of the dustiest. Some call it the Silver Dollar Galaxy for its appearance in small telescopes, or just the Sculptor Galaxy for its location within the boundaries of the southern constellation Sculptor. First swept up in 1783 by mathematician and astronomer Caroline Herschel, the dusty island universe lies a mere 10 million light-years away. About 70 thousand light-years across, NGC 253 is the largest member of the Sculptor Group of Galaxies, the nearest to our own Local Group of Galaxies. In addition to its spiral dust lanes, tendrils of dust seem to be rising from a galactic disk laced with young star clusters and star forming regions in this sharp color image. The high dust content accompanies frantic star formation, earning NGC 253 the designation of a starburst galaxy. NGC 253 is also known to be a strong source of high-energy x-rays and gamma rays, likely due to massives black hole near the galaxy’s center.

Image credit & copyright: László Francsics



The Colorful Demise of a Sun-like Star

This Hubble Space Telescope image shows planetary nebula NGC 2440 with a star very similar to our Sun reaching the end of its life. The star is casting off its outer layers of gas, which formed a cocoon around the star’s remaining core. Ultraviolet light from the dying star makes the material glow. The burned-out star, called a white dwarf, is the white dot in the center. The white dwarf is one of the hottest known, with a surface temperature of nearly 400,000 degrees Fahrenheit (200,000 degrees Celsius).

The nebula’s chaotic structure suggests that the star shed its mass episodically. During each outburst, the star expelled material in a different direction. This can be seen in the two bow tie-shaped lobes. Our Sun will eventually burn out and shroud itself with stellar debris as well, but luckily not for another 5 billion years.

(Credit: NASA, ESA, and K. Noll (STScI)


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Managed to get a good picture of Tycho Crater from my telescope!!


Managed to get a good picture of Tycho Crater from my telescope!!

(Source: blackourstory)

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